The WEvo Board

Our Trustees include member representatives from the Small, Powerful Groups.


Sarah Davidson - Chair

Sarah Davidson (Chair) is the CEO of the Carnegie UK Trust and before that she worked for the Scottish Government, where she first got excited about the Small, Powerful Groups approach in 2012.


Alistair Grimes - Trustee

Alistair Grimes is an experienced senior manager with over 30 years at CEO and Director level.  He supports creative activations to generate systemic change across all communities.


Joe Kallarackal - Trustee

Joe Kallarackal is formerly Spring Impact’s UK Director, now Senior Advisory. He is a freelance consultant focused on scaling effective services.


Ruth Bacon - Trustee

Ruth Bacon formed a Small, Powerful Group with two close friends in 2019 and the trio launched a small interior design studio shortly after.

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Tim Wright - Advisor

Tim is a respected and sought-after speaker, presenter, writer and commentator. He has worked as a consultant, practitioner and senior manager with a number of global commercial organisations.


Martin Johnstone - Advisor

Martin Johnstone supports organisations and individuals passionate about tackling poverty. Following 30 years of working with the Church of Scotland, he is now self-employed.


Dawn Austwick - Trustee

Dawn Austwick is the former Chief Executive of the National Lottery Community Fund. Prior to this, she was Chief Executive at Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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Agnė Petroševičiūtė - Trustee

Agne is the founder of 'A. Pastry Shop' in Glasgow which she created with the support of her small, powerful group. Pre-pandemic, Agne had always wondered when she would have enough courage to open up her own business and now she has.


Karen Stevens - Trustee

Karen is a mother and founder of the fledgling company, 'One Boob Business'. Karen has been a part of the Small, Powerful Groups community for many years now and strongly believes that Scotland is full of women that are underused assets.

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Jacintha Canary - Board Member

Annie Manzor - Trustee

Annie formed Loof Small, Powerful Group with two friends in early 2021. She is the owner of Made by Manzor and lives in the Southside of Glasgow.

Jacintha Canary

Jacintha is a Small, Powerful Group member as well as a trained counsellor and experienced wellbeing practitioner. Jacintha believes that we are all individuals and with suitable conditions and encouragement, we can move towards a process of wholeness.

Dr. Caroline Whitfield

Caroline is a Teaching Associate at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University, with a strong interest in female entrepreneurship/community/global south context.

The WEvo Team

A cracking team of creative minds and persistent people


Noel Mathias
Founder & Managing Director


Eleanor Campbell
Head of Operations


Heather Caren-Tosh
Communications Manager


Lawrence Renn


Eddie Kelly
Events Coordinator