We are

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We nurture collectives called Small, Powerful Groups: meaningful, resourceful and accountable communities where everyone can be a change-maker
and an entrepreneur.

I have seen the work of WEvolution develop and flourish over several years.

I admire the way in which people are supported to take real control over their lives through their ability to start small businesses using the great power of mutual support.

Many organisations talk about people being in the lead, WEvolution live those values.

- Sir John Elvidge


We design financial products to help boost savings & working capital.

We have created an eco system of like-minded organisations across the UK and Europe.

Our Credo

It's really about people who together create their own local, sustainable and scalable solutions.

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Invest heavily in the currency of TRUST.

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GET OUT of the way. Cede power.

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CONTEXT is queen. Create & nurture the space for connections. 

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SOCIAL & ECONOMIC wellbeing: not one without the other.

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