WEvolution is a catalyst. We bring together the transformational power of human connections and untapped resources in inspired surroundings. All in pursuit of a single-minded purpose:
people in control of their lives.

How did we become us

In January 2011, 13 women paused their life in Glasgow and travelled to India to explore the aspirations, ideology and entrepreneurial vision of women’s Self-Help Groups. There, they found fellow women, ordinary in their appearance but powerhouses of a kind. Organised in collectives, these women had become changemakers and entrepreneurs in the face of grinding poverty; their lives, families, communities and local economies had transformed along with their lives. A movement of over 10 million small groups making big changes.

Inspired and transformed, on their return, the women from Glasgow couldn’t hold back. The first ever Small, Powerful Group in the UK began in the Provanmill community of Glasgow in March 2011. Since then, the story of Small, Powerful Groups has continued to unfold and capture the imagination of many.

Our mission

To inspire women to connect and grow their confidence, skills and income.

Our vision

To grow a global movement of unexpected entrepreneurs, making life better for all.

We have four values that guide our work

We are trusting

We believe in the power of collectives

We are optimistic

We are enterprising

The WEvo Team & Board

We are a bunch of risk takers. Driven by our mission, we collaborate, adapt, solve problems, and sometimes fail - all because we want to create something new.

We see Small, Powerful Groups as an important citizen-led approach to tackling poverty.

As an asset based programme, where people are in the lead, with a focus on entrepreneurship and development of latent skills, the model has the potential to radically improve the lives of many people and move them from a life of poverty to a life full of possibilities.

- Nesta