Unraveling Wicked Problems: Exploring Novel Solutions Inspired by the Global South


Welcome to the world of ‘Novel Solutions to Wicked Problems‘!

Like most things, it has taken this venture a while – two years! – to see the light of day. Tim Wright, a friend and a big expert in the crowd economy, and I had been delving deep into the realm of the circular economy and, more importantly, the efforts of the individuals at the forefront of this movement – sustainability champions, entrepreneurs, founders, industry professionals, and organizational leaders, among others.

We wanted to offer something that was experiential and developmental for these amazing individuals who are tackling some of the most challenging issues of our time.

Something clicked, a lightbulb moment: WEvolution, which I founded, has its roots in novel thinking from the global south. We thought why not apply the same approach to those dedicated to sustainability and the circular economy? That, and our ‘seeing is believing’ mantra sparked off  `Novel Solutions to Wicked Problems’!

Reimagine Wicked Problems

Check out this excellent post by Tim where he speaks about the need to “reimagine wicked problems in such a way that we might stumble upon a novel solution applicable at home”.

At the heart of this journey is a commitment to innovation and collaboration. We invite you to join us as we explore novel ideas in a different context, unravel the complexities of wicked problems, and discover pathways to untangling solutions at home.