Empowering Women Through Data Ownership: Introducing SPGs in Ctrl’s Feedback Loop


In a world where data is often treated as a commodity to be bought, sold, and exploited, a group of empowered women is flipping the script. Since 2021, Small, Powerful Groups (SPGs) in Ctrl have been on a mission to reclaim ownership of their data and harness its power for their benefit and the advancement of their group and the Small, Powerful Group movement.

The concept is simple yet revolutionary: “I choose this data to benefit me, my SPG group, and the movement I am part of.” With this mantra guiding their efforts, SPGs in Ctrl have embarked on a journey of self-discovery, experimentation, and empowerment.

Last year, they unveiled something truly remarkable—a prototype for what they aptly named the Feedback Loop. Drawing inspiration from the way fitness trackers provide insights into physical health, the Feedback Loop enables SPGs to reflect on their experiences and emotions, turning raw data into actionable insights for personal growth and collective progress.

“We have been experimenting with it as a group and we have found that it has helped us progress and grow as individuals and it has improved the connection and trust within the group,” shares a member of SPGs in Ctrl.

The creation of the Feedback Loop wasn’t just about technology; it was a statement of empowerment and autonomy. SPGs in Ctrl invested considerable time and energy into ensuring that data is not only controlled but also directly beneficial to women. It’s a radical departure from the status quo, where data is often wielded as a tool of manipulation and control.

Now, SPGs in Ctrl are calling on their community for support. The Feedback Loop isn’t just a tool; it’s a symbol of empowerment and self-determination. By backing this initiative, you’re not just supporting a piece of technology; you’re championing a movement—one that seeks to redefine the relationship between data, power, and women’s agency.

To learn more about the Feedback Loop and how you can support SPGs in Ctrl, reach out to ourfeedbackloop@gmail.com. Join us in reclaiming ownership of our data and shaping a future where women are not just data points but powerful agents of change. Together, we can turn data into a force for good, one Feedback Loop at a time.